Saylor Water Caps

Think about getting a crop 4-6 weeks earlier. Elimate harsh temperature range swings. Moderate temperatures and stress on young plants. More quality fruit.

The wire support structure is made from 9gauge galvanized wire. This part of the Water Cap can last for years. The bag is 4 mil plastic, and is recommended for one season. Plastic after exposed to sunlight starts to break down even with UV prohibiters. Algae and other bacteria build up causing disease and light transmission issues. That is why we recommend new bags each season. The bags are nothing special, you can buy them from us or from anywhere that sells plastic bags, they are 20″x 42″.

The water caps set up fast with a proper water supply. Being it’s a bag there isn’t individual tubes to fill up. The bag also encloses the plant entirely. Keeping more heat from escaping thru the top. Also the plant stays drier keeping it healthier. No insects or other animal life can get to it at this stage. The wire cage legs sink into the ground keeping it stable, from falling over even on uneven ground.  Leaving the cage and bag on all season also saves in staking and weed control. Some determinate tomato varities can be left alone to drape over the sides. When your tomato comes close to the top of the cage, cut an “X” in the bag to let the plant grow thru. If you do stake those first bottom strings are done away with. Live green mulch can be seeded over the entire crop before bags are cut. The live mulch can then be sprayed with weed killer, with the bags on. If using drip lines, lay first and then the place cages carefully over them keeping them in place close to plant.