Heavy Bushel

Bushel Thick Ends


11-1/4""x 14-3/4"x 18" O.D.

10-3/4"x 14"x 16-1/2" I.D.

3-24 pcs. $ 12.00

25-60 pcs. $ 9.50

1-4 pallets $ 8.75

5-12 pallets $ 8.00

13+ pallets $7.25

Stenciling available
(60 crates per pallet)

Sturdy 3/4″ ends with smooth routed handles, make this box easier on the hands. Ends use 1-1/4″ nails, with the rest of the crate using 1/2″ staples. Stack them on there side for rustic shelving.
Winter discount for small orders. Order and receive during November-January, pay the lowest amount on any quantity. Extra stenciling costs may apply.


For shipping quote and to order, call 814-745-2306

Email rita@saylorsfarm.com