Locking tabs keep them in place.


4-1/8"x 13-3/4"x 19-3/4" O.D.

3-7/8"x 13"x 18" I.D.

3-24 pcs. $ 8.00

25-120 pcs. $ 7.00

1 pallet + $ 5.50

(104 crates per pallet)

This crate will protect your prize winning tomatoes to the ceiling at home or travelling without crushing. Locking tabs keeps them in place. Let’s produce breath with good air circulation. Also holds 12 standard pint or 1/2 pint baskets. They do well displaying at the market.
Winter discount for small orders. Order and receive during November-January, pay the lowest amount on any quantity. Extra stenciling costs may apply.


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