Standard Bushel

Area Standard


12-3/8""x 14-1/4"x 18" O.D.

12"x 13-1/2"x 17" I.D.

3-24 pcs. $ 12.00

25-60 pcs. $ 9.50

1-4 pallets $ 8.75

5-12 pallets $ 8.00

13+ pallets $7.25

Stenciling available
(60 crates per pallet)

This crate was popular for many years and was considered standard. Many replaced it with the half bushel being lighter and easier to handle. Stack them on there side for rustic shelving.
Winter discount for small orders. Order and receive during November-January, pay the lowest amount on any quantity. Extra stenciling costs may apply.


For shipping quote and to order, call 814-745-2306